Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health coach?

A Holistic Health Coach partners with clients to identify the little things that will get them moving forward to their own unique optimal health, like having a personal GPS to steer and provide guidance to stay on track with goals. I work with clients regarding a myriad of health and wellness concerns including stress management, weight loss & detox, sleep routines, creating work/life balance, and advising on the best dietary and lifestyle approaches to address conditions such as inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, depressions, diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalances, mental & behavioral health (including children and families), and IBS. A Health Coach is an expert at sorting through all the details to identify the source of the challenges and work together to create a plan towards an obtainable solution by collaborating with the client to create habits that are realistic and sustainable to a busy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed and dealing with obstacles along the way to ensure a successful outcome.Add an answer here.

What happens when I sign up for health coaching?

New clients complete an intake form which includes a full health and lifestyle inventory. A 90-minute intake session includes a discussion of goals, a review of the inventory, and create a roadmap. Next steps may include referrals to trusted professionals and customized educational materials. Ongoing sessions review and revise next steps and work through any obstacles that have come up so the client is able continue the course even through rough patches. Health Coaches support making a plan, sticking to a plan, completing the plan, and everything in be- tween while learning new strategies along the way. d an answer here.

How long does it take to achieve results?

Each one of us are on a unique path to our own optimal health. Sometimes changes are noticeable very quickly and other times it’s more subtle until a solid traction sets in. Most are able to make significant progress forward in three months.

Are you licensed and insured?

I am a fully insured certified holistic health coach.